+ One

Today the lens is widened in appreciation of those most base daily building blocks; the irreplaceable, albeit generically anointed, ‘they’.

            They are everywhere, and they are quite well known.

            They are an integral participant to each new day.

            They are waiting at the traffic light. They are in line at the grocer’s. They share both the chairlift ride and the refreshing beverage after.

            They enjoy fishing, frisbee, and ice cream. They are all about pets. They make time to write, mountain bike, paint, and laugh. They care for the environment and volunteer often. They are passionate about climbing, gardening, river trips, local libraries, and live music. They recognize the sacred.

            They love their families and cherish their friends.

            They work hard.

            In a world increasingly set to fast-forward they deserve respect. They, after all, are just like us. In fact, more than that, they are us and in that light they are home.