Her steps were light down the ladder to the dock, a single delicate hand brushing atop the railing. 

Oppressive heat from an egg-yoke sun allied with the ladder's sharp degree failed to stoop her fine form and she alighted to landfall with practiced ease.

Back straight, shoulders square, she coolly surveyed the distant treeline's tropical sway. A gentle breeze tickled past, toying with the tips to a full-bodied swirl of rich, soil black hair.

Absentminded fingers tucked the wind-dancing strands behind one softly rounded ear and turning then, the high light fell upon her in profile. A chin, cupped like a flower's petal, gave rise to high cheekbones and mischievous lips; small, yet pertly full and upturned at their ends. A button nose set the centerpoint as well as accentuated that larger-than-life dark mass, but the true force radiated wave-like from the eyes. 

As rich as they were soundless, those orbs were delicious darkness; twin droplets deeply stirred by a desirable yet never reachable source. 

Five and one-half feet of pure sweet lightning rod, she made ready to electrify the island.