a Frontier Dispatch

Between Bullets and Bombs

-          P.M. Fadden reporting

Turnagain Arm, Alaska – Residents and visitors, waking Thursday April 6 to homes frappe chilled from overnight power outage, were additionally vexed by unscheduled Seward HWY severance.

Transit cessation, resulting from mutually exclusive control bombing and twelve-hour police standoff, unexpectedly cordoned select South Eastern Alaska communities until Thursday afternoon.

Eye witnesses at Seward HWY mile 101 recall as many as fifteen Alaska State Trooper [AST] vehicles, negotiation personnel and helicopter surveillance to head over two miles of dual lane blockage.

Commuters intent upon retracing tracks south were again snookered when, at 9 a.m., a series of overhead explosions dictated a second Bird Creek HWY closer. The detonations, an inevitable component to avalanche control work, originated from elevated slope positions known to sectionally compromise safe HWY travel and, though brief, sequestered passersby to Turnagain Arm limbo and ponderance of life at the Last Frontier.