...chew on this one...

So I got me this theory: a gumball ain’t jus’ a gumball; it’s a glimpse at yer fortune.

Now I know that sounds weird, so leave me a sec’ to elaborate.

My fondness for gumball chewin’ began as a kid and carried straight through. In that time I’ve chewed one hell of a lot of gum. While pumping quarters, twisting cranks, and waitin’ on the results it occurred to me that the color of that dealt gumball unnervingly matched my day.

What I mean is, when the sun shone and luck seemed happy to walk beside me, that gumball was my happy colors of blue, yellow, white, or even green. On the other hand, if I couldn’t manage a single step without stepping in it, then sure as shit that gumball was red, purple, orange, or dreaded pink.

Now I’m not sayin’ that everybody’s pink gumballs signal the pits are in works, or that blue’s always gonna forecast your sky. What I am sayin is it’s subjective. It’s the recipient that sets the scale.

If, to you, purple equals fancy-pants royalty then that’s the gumball to ease your mind. If for some reason green evokes images of puke then it’s a green gumball that’s gonna caution you of what might lay ahead. And so it goes for any in-between color on that spinnin’ wheel.

Like I said, it’s subjective.       

 Tarot dealers, palm readers, twirling mystics of all callings, let ‘em keep to their trades. To know which way the wind blows, those little sugary orbs are all that I require.