Memory Lane

Paulie considered the transit to Argentina an ideal setting for reflection. The forward movement felt a natural opportunity for looking back.

Today’s Argentine journey replete with wife and child, reminded Paulie of Australia and yesterday’s single living; a stage when the bull really had seemed caught by the balls thanks to a radio gig he’d landed in Brisbane. …but then there’d been the mail to consider.

Funny thing about job hunting; all that responsibility goes straight to the wayside when super cool opportunity lands literally in the letter box. He remembered his hands trembled to hold it, and feeling an acute longing for time to think, so he rang the boys and they’d hit the road…to get “clear.”

Then, on a cheap wine morning which was anything but clear, they came to a cape. Johannes lit a cigarette, Adam complained about a woman, and Paulie sensed distinctly that all three stood somehow at a shifting point from which endless potential shot in every conceivable direction. And he remembered thinking, this is the perch. Will I step?

Arriving to Argentina Paulie asked the same question, only to realize he’d already answered.